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Bruce's Story

Bruce B.

Bruce grew up in a divided home of a hateful drunk father and a loving mother. The differences caused multiple disputes between his parents and between him and his father. His father treated Bruce coldly when he was drunk. The cold shoulder did not help either, Bruce was bullied growing up by other kids in school. He received both physical and verbal abuse from both environments. The troubled childhood introduced Bruce to alcohol at the age of 18. He had his first taste at his friend’s house after school one day. He would have a glass or two, but those glasses began to exceed as his traumatic past never left him. Drinking gave Bruce a bad temper, causing his friends to avoid him most of the time. He punched walls, threw glass, and injured his hand one time from slamming it into his car door after the battery of it died on him. His world became a blur as he consumed glass after glass. After passing out outside a bar, Bruce’s friends forced him to seek help.

With the help of sister, Bruce attended multiple sessions at Alcoholics Anonymous, Bruce met various people just like him. The connection helped boost his motivation to stop drinking all together. Bruce has been sober for a year now.

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