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Jesse's Story

Jesse P.

Jesse used to be his school’s known party animal. At the age of 15, Jesse recalls having his first taste of alcohol. His friends had pressured him to do it, he accepted the challenge. Jesse thought nothing of the alcohol, but after the first taste, it became his longtime friend. He was the guy everyone depended on to bring the drinks every time. Jesse didn’t mind because he knew which was the best and which wasn’t. However, he didn’t know that his habits of drinking would become excessive.

Jesse would start his school day with a drink in the morning, a drink after school, and a drink before bed. He usually hid the various bottles from his parents, but his older brother, Walter, suspected that he was becoming dependent on the drink. As months went on, Jesse’s one bottle a day turned into 3 or 4. After landing in the hospital from heavily drinking one night, Jesse decided it was time to change his habit.

Now, a junior in college, Jesse regularly attends AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and has been alcohol free for almost 10 months.

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