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Jessica's Story

Jessica J.

Jessica grew up as a girl with big dreams. She had her future set. Her dream job was to become a fitness trainer. She was on course for everything. She graduated high school and was attending college to major in exercise science, but that journey was short lived.

After the death of her parents due to a car crash and the physical abuse from her boyfriend, Jessica fell into a state of depression. She no longer felt the need to live anymore. Alcohol became her antidepressant to help numb the pain she was feeling. She became so immune to the liquid that she found herself engulfing more glasses of alcohol to become numb again. Jessica realized she had a problem after she saw she was failing all the classes she was once excelling in. Her professors and friends became concerned. One of her friends suggested seeing a therapist to help talk about her problems. Jessica took the offer and found herself going at least three times a week. The numerous sessions helped Jessica look for better coping mechanisms than alcohol.

Three years later, Jessica has been alcohol free and happily sober.

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