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Mitch's Story

Mitch A.

After losing his teaching job, Mitch thought it was the end of the world. His job was the only thing getting him through life at the moment. Both his parents died when he was only 10 years old, so he was sent to live with his aunt. Mitch’s aunt drank moderately, but not all the time. She mainly hid in her alcohol in a big case, locking it to be sure Mitch would not get into it.

With the skill of being able to pick locks, Mitch snuck alcohol to his friends when he was in his senior year of high school. They would drink after school, but not enough to make them drunk. However, after years of things going well for Mitch, losing his job turned his world upside down. He turned to drinking to make him sane again. Whenever he got the chance to drink -- parties, bar, hanging with friends, restaurants -- he took advantage of it. His girlfriend at the time, noticed his sudden drinking and advised him to stop or she’d leave him.

Four months later, Mitch has not found the will to stop drinking and he has yet to find a new job. After living off of his girlfriend for financial stability, she broke up with him. He has yet to go seek help for addiction.

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