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Tony's Story

Tony S.

After the tragic death of his parents from a bank robbery, Tony took his dad’s business under his wing. The constant partying came to a halt as Tony had adopted the lifestyle of a businessman. The job proved to be both tedious and rigorous for Tony. The stress became too much for him to handle.

Tony spent late nights in his office drinking glasses of alcohol until the stress was gone or he fell asleep.Tony’s employees and friends worried about him. Tony would arrive at work smelling like alcohol and the day hadn’t even begun. He hid his alcohol in his desk to avoid any trouble or judgement. One worker recalls walking in on Tony angrily yelling at a co-worker who suggested to Tony to go see help for his problem. The next day she got fired.

Unfortunately, Tony never found the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Tony suffered from cirrhosis to the liver due to his heavy drinking habits. He was only 44.

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