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Veronica's Story

Veronica M.

Both of Veronica’s parents were late alcoholics. Her father was a shy man, especially when he was around other people. Drinking made him feel confident, but he was still tentative to talk with people. Instead, the drinking made him more quiet and morose. At home, Veronica’s father had both a soft and hard side of him. At times, he was not a nice person to be around. As time went on, his drinking became worse. The drinking resulted in Veronica’s parents getting into many arguments due to her dad’s disgruntled attitude from drinking. The two would eventually split when Veronica was 16.

Her dad passed away from a stroke due to alcoholism. He was 78.

After the divorce, Veronica’s mom would turn to socially drinking alcohol. Although she attended different support groups for divorcees to cope with the pain, the plan fell through. For the next six years, her mom would immerse herself in alcohol. The only days she didn’t was when alcohol was not in her reach, which was not often. By the time Veronica’s mom quit drinking, the damage had been done.

Her mother passed away due to blood poisoning from two strokes from alcoholism. She was 65.

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