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Vincent's Story

Vincent V.

Vincent was exposed to alcohol in middle school. One of his friends’ brother was old enough to afford it so he bought some for Vincent’s friends to try. Vincent thought it’d be fun to try besides he told himself he’d never drink after what happened to his mother and her battle with it. However, school started to become tough around Vincent’s sophomore year of high school. His dad was fed up with him so he sent him to live with his uncle. resulting in him going to a new school. Vincent was miserable. He had no friends, the work was a lot more rigorous, and he found himself not liking the school very much.

He began getting in touch with his friends again to see if they could provide him with something to cope his stress with. Vincent’s friends gave him alcohol as the answer. Vincent would down a bottle in a day, and find himself having at least 3 or 4 a week. The habit was something he did not expect to happen, but the stress was too much to handle. Around his junior year his uncle kicked him out after finding out what Vincent had been doing. If he sobered up he could come back, but that never happened.

Now at his senior year of high school, Vincent is still battling with his addiction. He lives with one of the friends he made at his new school and tries to attend Alcoholics Anonymous sessions, but most of them do not fall through.

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